Large expanses of glass are definitely the trend for 2024. To achieve this modern look and the connection to nature while still creating a comfortable indoor environment, the thermal performance is important with double or triple glazing and high-performance frames.

Expanse of glazing

Large glazed windows

Views, space, light, glass, natural, sun, etc., are words that show people’s aspirations when building or renovating, and real estate sites mention the same. Large, glazed areas ensure an indoor-outdoor feel of openness and connection to the environment, which boost our mood, health and wellbeing. It also lets natural daylight in to make a room appear larger and enables all aspects of comfort.


While large glassed areas are becoming ever more fashionable, large windows must also meet special safety requirements, withstand high wind forces and other weather influences, and offer good sound insulation and very good heat/cold protection. Always ensure that your windows and doors come with the appropriate testing certifications.

Cost factor

Large glazed windows

Fixed glazing is far more economical than opening window and door products. Fixed glazing is installed into one frame, whereas for opening windows and doors a sash also needs to be made. This sash requires extensive hardware to be installed and seals for draught proofing and to prevent water egress. It needs to be made for energy efficiency and security, and childproof in certain circumstances.

Hence, it is worthwhile to image every room, what it is used for, the furniture layout and where opening windows or doors are required. Of course, placement and opening options should include opportunities for cross ventilation.

Advances in glass

Coatings on glass can increase energy efficiency, add privacy and lower glare, and the use of double or triple glazed IGUs provides high thermal performance. 

High performance products that achieve low energy bills for the life of the building, security and the need for comfort are driving forces in the residential window market. This is possible to achieve even with the trend of large glazed areas.