The trend for even better energy efficient buildings led Paarhammer Windows & Doors to more research and development. And it seems clients appreciate it.

While a large part of the window industry is still struggling to accommodate double glazing – often into existing frames, which are not made to carry the extra weight – clients want more. Just in the last few months a number of orders placed at Paarhammer specified that even triple glazing with clear glass was not enough.

Hence the new combination on offer is triple glazing with Viridian LightBridge Low-E in the Architectural Timber or composite Wood-Alu range. “Warm when it is cold, cool when it is hot” - the motto on the Viridian website sums up LightBridge perfectly and demonstrates that this glass when used in a double-glazed unit on surface #3 already increases home comfort with a low U-value of 1.4. Now consider this with one more pane of glass and extra airspace. Combined with the right frame it can provide you with the best there is.

The Passivehouse Standard is achieved with such a combination - the glass alone having a U-value of 0.7 with Viridian LightBridge on surface #2 and #5, and the Paarhammer timber frame is naturally highly energy efficient. German patented hardware ensures extremely low air infiltration and no drafts, which again increases energy efficiency and comfort.

The combination of frame, hardware, seals and glass creates window products that not only save on costly energy bills but also create the most comfortable indoor environment. Everyone who walks into such a building can feel it and your home will be the envy of the neighbourhood, while saving you lots of energy.

For approximately 5% extra on the overall window cost, you can now increase the comfort level of your home from double to triple glazing. Another 5% provides you with double glazing and Viridian LightBridge on surface #3, and an extra 5% more will give you the new combination of triple glazing with 2x Lightbridge Low-E glass in Paarhammer windows and doors.

Let in natural light, save on heavy drapes and energy bills, and enjoy your view. And as a bonus, feel good about providing Australians with jobs as both the glass and windows are Australian made.