Window frames made from timber have a long history, they are sustainable as timber regrows, and offer a beautiful, natural indoor environment that is good for human health. Timber is also a good insulator, making it ideal for energy efficiency when combined with double or triple glazing.

Thermal insulation

Every individual wooden cell acts as a natural air storage. If a timber grows faster, the cell structure is larger and can store more air, achieving a higher insulating effect. In general, softwoods grow faster than hardwoods, giving them better insulation properties. It is durable when treated or finished correctly. The structure of hardwoods is denser, which makes the timber stronger with a higher durability class in general. Wood heats up only slightly even in direct sunlight in summer and transfers energy badly.

Other advantages

Wood is a renewable raw material that stores carbon and does not pollute the environment. Caution should be exercised with tropical timbers and these should only be used if they can be proven to come from sustainable forestry sources.

Aesthetic beauty is an advantage that comes to mind with timber framed windows. The natural grain of wood provides a feeling of warmth and comfort and adds to the unique character of a home. Timber connects people in built environments with the natural environment and is used for biophilic design, enhancing wellbeing, and mental and physical health. 

Timber framed windows are versatile and a classic among window frames. They fit both buildings in modern architecture and older homes and are also used in buildings with a heritage overlay. The ease of milling into the complex custom shapes and sizes also favours timber as a window frame material. Well-built and well-maintained wood windows can have a very long life.


Modern advanced timber finishes are now available that lengthen the lifespan of windows and doors. Timber frames can be repainted to change their colour to complement any decor. They should be treated with environment-friendly finishes, water-based and low VOC, so that these also have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Window frames made of timber are ideal for all those who place aesthetic demands on their window frames in addition to technical ones: on the one hand, wooden window frames are very good at heat and sound insulation as well as being safe. And on the other hand, they contribute to a pleasant living environment and are highly recommended from an ecological point of view.

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