Designed by Morris Nunn Architects and built by Fairbrother Pty Ltd, Saffire Freycinet is an iconic development for the Australian Tourism Industry. Its concept and design are like no other in the country, capturing the essence of this unique region and connecting with its environment.

Paarhammer made doors for each of the 20 accommodation suites, sliding doors, bi-fold doors and bi-fold window for treatment rooms, and pivot doors for the main building including the entrance doors. The pivot doors vary in height from 2.4m to 3m, the sliding doors have 2.5m by 2.5m individual leaves and all are double glazed.

Client’s needs were for high energy efficiency and acoustic benefits, especially between individual units and for all treatment/spa rooms. Windows and doors had to have a premium feel and a high level of proven sustainability.

The overall outcome is a stunningly beautiful building complex with many sustainable features, sympathetic to the environment and with a minimal footprint.

Paarhammer received the Award ‘Best Use of Windows and Doors in Commercial Buildings’ by the AWA – Australian Windows Association for this project.