The new National Construction Code (NCC), which came into effect on the 1st of May 2023, includes higher energy efficiency regulations and provisions for dwellings to better meet community needs including for the elderly or those with mobility limitations. Paarhammer products meet and exceed these new regulations. Today we look at new dwelling access regulations: 

Clear Opening

Access to dwellings now requires entrance doors (or one universal access point/door) with a clear opening of a minimum of 820mm, not including the frame or door leaves. Step-free access is also a must and thresholds have to ‘be level or have a sill height of no more than 5mm if the lip is rounded or bevelled’.

Clear opening width

Image from 'Livable Housing Design - Standard 2022' by the Australian Building Codes Board

Level Threshold

The Livable Housing Design Standard also states that ‘if these requirements cannot meet the weatherproofing requirements of the NCC, for external entrance doors containing a raised door or sill, thresholds cannot have a lip or upstand greater than 15mm within the sill profile; and must have no more than 5mm height difference between the edge of the top surface of the sill and the adjoining finished surface’. The solution is modern threshold technology:

Magnetic Threshold

The German invented zero ALUMAT magnetic threshold can be used for Paarhammer external doors like entrance combination and French doors to create a level entrance.

Two magnetic strips are installed at the bottom of the door and two corresponding seals are situated in the threshold. When the door is closed, the seals are attracted to the magnet strips and seal the bottom of the door. The magnetic field is broken as soon as the door is opened and the seals drop back into the threshold, creating a barrier-free level surface.

When the door is closed, the seals also stop water, draught and noise from entering the building. Recently, ALUMAT even received Passive House component certification for one of their magnetic threshold products confirming their thermal properties and weatherproofing abilities.

Paarhammer manufactures custom entrance door systems in Victoria and delivers them Australia-wide. These door systems come with door jamb, threshold, multi-point locking system and door furniture to ensure energy efficiency and meet all the new NCC regulations.

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