In joking, the Australian salute or greeting is a wave of a hand in front of one’s face. Why? Flies of course! They serve an important role in our ecosystem but are annoying and we generally don’t want them in the house.

As Paarhammer windows open to the inside, we often get asked “what about a flyscreen?” The answer is easy - the flyscreen is fitted to the outside of the window or door.

Depending on the product range, Paarhammer removable flyscreens are either made with a timber frame in the same colour as the outside of the window or for the Wood-Alu range, the flyscreens are made with an aluminium frame.

Different flyscreen mesh will keep your home free of flying critters, but if you are in a bushfire area, the screen must be stainless steel in order to catch flying embers. The standard mesh at Paarhammer is aluminium with fibre glass or pet mesh is an optional alternative.

Paarhammer lift-slide doors can be fitted with a sliding screen with a timber frame or a retractable screen while bi-fold doors always have retractable screens if a screen is needed. There are several companies producing a variety of retractable screens with a wide range of frame colour, mechanisms to retract the screen, and threshold designs.

Should you choose your doors (hinged, French, bi-fold) to open to the outside, the flyscreen door is mounted on the inside. Retractable screens can also be ordered directly from the supplier and mounted at a later stage.

With Paarhammer windows and doors you can order suitable flyscreens, keeping flies outside where they belong.

A bit of fun: The most common flies found throughout Australia are bush flies and blow flies, and a combination of warmth and moisture is nirvana for them, which means that the south of Australia is soon getting a deluge with rising temperatures.

Associate Professor James Wallman from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Wollongong said flies were imperative to breakdown dead animals and return nutrients into the soil. Flies also help pollinate crops and plants. "Flies will always be attracted to bright windows or bright doors," he said. "Pull down the curtains, open the door, and the fly will shoot outside."