Recently Paarhammer had their Wood-Alu composite window tested, and achieved the highest rating for windows with N6, C4 (general) and N5, C3 (corner) with the Ultimate Limit State Pressure Testing result at +5900 Pa and -5900 Pa.

This test as per Australian Standard AS2047-2014 covers Structural Deflection, Air Infiltration, Water Penetration Resistance and Ultimate Strength, and was performed by a NATA-accredited testing facility in Melbourne.

Under the National Construction Code (NCC), the Building Code of Australia (BCA) is a set of technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings throughout Australia. It allows for variations in climate, and geological or geographic conditions, and also covers windows and doors.

The Australian Windows Assocation (AWA) writes in their Guide of Window and Door Selection that every site for every building in Australia should be assessed for wind load requirements. The wind load is the deciding factor for the type of window and door system that will be used as they need to structurally withstand the loads that are present on the site.

C4 is the highest rating of the ultimate strength test pressures for general windows and doors, and needs 5300 Pa to comply for exposed and non-exposed conditions. Paarhammer achieved 5900 Pa, plus and minus, meaning outside pressure and inside pressure.

Windows are tested for a number of site conditions:

1. Structural: Measures deflection of the window (SLS) @ Span/250.

2. Operating Force: Confirms opening force is within the set limits.            

3. Air Infiltration: Measures air leakage through the window or door.         

4. Water Penetration: Measures water penetration resistance (WPR).        

5. Ultimate Strength: Confirms the window meets ULS requirements.        

The Paarhammer Wood-Alu Range excels in all of the above – ask us for more information.