Paarhammer is proud to manufacture Australian Made windows and doors. Our philosophy is about sustainability and local jobs, therefore we do not use any imported glass in our products.

In the Paarhammer story, Australian Made translates to locally made windows and doors providing valuable training and skills sharing, and jobs not simply localised to the Paarhammer factory but extending to suppliers and manufacturers, including but not limited to, Australian glass manufacturers, and timber suppliers.

However, with a flood of foreign products on the market it has never been more important to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. Fraudulent documentation and compliance certificates mean that it is getting harder and harder to ‘spot the real thing’.

A Senate Inquiry to investigate the reasons for the proliferation of materials that don’t meet local standards or which may conform but which are used inappropriately was announced on June 23. The regulatory regime, Independent Senator Nick Xenophon told The 7:30 Report, appears to be ‘flawed or simply not working'.

Upon entry into Australia, in the case of the vast majority of products, there are no effective mechanisms for checking and confirming that the product meets requirements.

Housing Industry Association senior executive director of building, development and the environment Kristin Brookfield says: …“if people start to be brave enough to say no and to get documents or have something tested, the suppliers are going to realise that the people they are selling to want this done well.”

As a member of Australian Windows Association (AWA) Paarhammer processes and products are tested regularly to ensure products comply with all relevant Australian Standards. The purchaser can therefore be confident that products are made to withstand Australian conditions.