OzRoll Roller Shutters, AR400 series from Ozroll , has been assessed by CSIRO for suitable protection of windows from radiant heat of bushfires and thermal and sound insulation.

Australia is a vast country of sweeping hills with bushlands and forests. Today, more than ever as bushfires come and go, residents in these areas are becoming more aware of the dangers of bushfires. This means that they are continually researching for ways in which they can protect their property and valuables.

Ozroll, an Australian roller shutter manufacturer, can be part of the solution for residents in bushfire zones by installing OzRoll Roller Shutters to all exterior windows, therefore providing protection from the radiant heat of bushfires.

OzRoll also provides its own ideal operating system and the RF remote control system that offer a safer alternative in the event of a bushfire power blackout.