Ozroll Industries had approached the CSIRO, in 2002, to help determine the benefits of their window roller shutters when subjected to bushfire attacks.

After several simulated bushfire attack tests, the results showed that the Ozroll window roller shutters could withstand a maximum radiant heat flux of 29kw/m2 and was still operational

However, after the events of Black Saturday bushfires, changes were made to fire regulations in which new dwellings were required to comply with specific ratings, especially within high risk areas.

Ozroll Industries then carried out further testings with the CSIRO, in November 2010, to help determine which of their products could withstand higher ratings in bushfire attack levels.

Ozroll Industries had chosen their AE401 extruded aluminium shutters, which proved to withstand heat exposure of 40kw/m2. Even after 60 minutes of severe testing, there was no ignition or flaming observed.

In result, the Ozroll Industries’ AE401 Extruded aluminium shutters were given the rating of BAL 40.

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