A multi-featured front-loading washing machine that pushes all the right buttons on water conservation, energy efficiency and cleaning power has been released onto the Australian market.

Omega Appliances  has launched the OW6512W 6.5kg front loading clothes washer as a direct response to ever-increasing consumer demand for environmentally responsible appliances that are both efficient and responsive to our time-poor lifestyles.

The OW6512W has a four star water efficiency rating, requiring only 66 litres of water to complete a 6.5kg load of washing on a normal cycle.

For those who frequently have smaller loads or very lightly soiled loads there is a 30 minute quick wash programme that consumes only 50 litres of water.

And again, for those wishing to conserve even more energy and water there is a time save option that can be applied to any of the seven programmes to reduce the individual duration of each of the wash, rinse and spin cycles.

There are also five water temperatures to choose from (cold to 90ºC), three spin speeds (400 to 1000rpm) and seven button selections including prewash, crease care, rinse hold, rinse plus, time delay and child lock.

The OW6512W has several other advanced features that would place it at the top of many laundry wish lists. OW6512W’s direct drive motor rotates the drum directly, without any belt or pulley. This means any vibration and noise is reduced to an absolute minimum while maximising energy efficiency.

Secondly, the OW6512W appliance’s electronic display not only illuminates the selected wash programme but charts the progress of that programme – at all times the user is able to see the task the machine is performing and at what stage of the task the appliance is at.

And features such as prewash and rinse-plus simply add to the convenience and efficiency of the washer.

The prewash enables heavily soiled loads to be soaked before washing to help release ingrained dirt. At the end of the prewash the dirty water is drained and automatically replaced with clean, fresh water for the main wash.

Rinse plus is ideal for those who are sensitive to detergents as it inserts an extra rinse into the overall wash programme.

The OW6512 is available nationally from electrical retailers and appliance specialists.