Emerging heating trends in Australia show a noticeable preference for unobtrusive, wall-mounted heating appliances that are proven performers in terms of energy efficiency. 

Omega Appliances has released the first of the patented Magmatic heating appliances – an innovative technology whereby a concealed heat tablet provides up to 30 minutes of heat at a time while using no electricity whatsoever. This has the potential of reducing energy consumption by up to 10 per cent over conventional convection heaters.

Omega Elite panel heaters are available in 2400W and 1500W models and have a sleek and unobtrusive appearance that makes them ideal for wall mounting or placed on castors for increased portability.

The innovative heat tablet, made from 100 per cent bio-degradable ceramic material, is positioned in the centre of the panel heater directly above the heating element. The tablet ensures heat is emitted from both the top and the middle of the heater.

Once the room has reached the desired temperature the built-in thermostat automatically cuts off the power and the Magmatic heat retention table continues to emit heat for up to 30 minutes while using absolutely no power. Once the thermostat recognises the temperature has dropped below the desired level the heater will switch on again.

Elite panel heaters also have other efficiency features that include:
Stainless steel heating elements offering up to 2.4kW of power
Splash-resistant control panels to enable use in wet areas; and
Aluminium grille for easy cleaning

With the continuing focus on clean and affordable heat, the Omega Elite panel heater offers completely clean, silent heat; fast heat up; efficient and economical use of power; thermostatically controlled; and auto-safety cut-out feature.

Omega Elite panel heaters are available nationally from specialist appliance outlets, electrical retailers and some department stores.