A good cooling option, especially for those who rent or wish to move the cooler from room to room, is a new range of portable free standing air conditioners from Omega Appliances.

Top of the range is the MOB14K, a compact appliance that is both air cooler and dehumidifier in one and takes less than half a square metre of floor space (dimensions are 410mmW 425mmD 820mmH).

MOB14K’s impressive 14000 BTU of power make it capable of removing up to 400 cubic metres of warm or hot air and 1.5 litres of moisture from the air each hour. MOB14K model will effectively cool a larger bedroom or medium-sized living room (about 18-20 square metre area).

MOB10K is a little sister to the MOB14K, smaller in dimensions (370mmW 340mmD 730mmH) and with 1000 BTU of power.

The MOB10K can remove up to 360 cubic metres of hot air and one litre of moisture from the air each hour.

Portable free standing air conditioners work the same as built-in models – they take in warm, humid air, cool and dehumidify it and then blow it back into the room.

While built-in models have an external unit that disposes of the warm air and moisture, portable models are positioned near a window and expel the hot air and moisture via a flexible hose run through the open window.

The Omega models are supplied with a window kit which is easily fitted to the window to ensure no warm air enters the room through the opening.

Both Omega portable free standing air conditioners are thermostatically controlled and have either a 24 hour timer (MOB14K) or a 12 hour timer (MOB10K).

Heavy duty casters enable the Omega portable free standing air conditioners to be conveniently wheeled from room to room, say from living areas during the day to the bedroom in the evening.

The Omega portable air conditioners can be used in offices also.

The Omega portable free standing air conditioners are available nationally from electrical retailers, specialist appliance outlets and some department stores.