Omega Appliances has introduced a single, portable induction cooktop that can be used as an extra cooking zone in the kitchen, taken and used at the table or barbeque and also taken on holiday for use in a boat, caravan or powered tent site.

Key benefits of induction cooking – when compared to all other types of cooktop, be it gas, ceramic, electric coil and EGO - are its speed, energy savings, and safety.

The Omega OIC16S is a low profile, contemporary design in a durable stainless steel finish with user-friendly electronic controls to adjust temperature, time a cooking process and even programme ahead.

Induction cooktops start heating within seconds and heat food faster than other modes of cooking – tests have shown that an induction cooktop will halve the time it takes to boil water when compared with gas, electric and halogen models.

Induction technology is able to deliver virtually instant heat by heating the cooking vessel and not the cooking surface. Basically, the induction element generates a magnetic field that induces heat in steel cookware placed on top of it, which in turn heats the food inside it. So the cooking zone itself remains cool throughout the cooking process – a welcome safety feature.

To achieve the maximum amount of efficiency it is essential to use the correct type of cookware – the base of all cooking vessels must be flat, not distorted or dented, and they must be of a ferrous metal (one that can be magnetised) – metals such as cast iron or magnetised steel (or stainless steel pans with an iron base or core). The Omega portable induction cooktop is supplied with a beautiful stainless steel, induction-compatible four-litre saucepan.

Independent tests have shown the energy efficiency of induction cooktops is around 85 to 90 per cent compared to 65 to 85 per cent for other electric cooktops and 40 per cent for gas.

The Omega OIC16S is fitted with a one-metre power cord, is a 1500-watt extremely lightweight appliance and has a two-year warranty.