Hot choices in heating this season would have to include the new generation of portable heating – ceramic.

Available in design-savvy options such as Eurolux’s Ceramic Tower (CH20R) and the more compact CH18H, these models are light in weight, but highly efficient at providing low-cost, instant heat.

Eurolux states the advanced technology of ceramic heating produces more heat when a room is cold and less as the temperature increases – ensuring the occupants of the room remain comfortably warm, while the system is efficiently regulating heat output to save on fuel bills.

Eurolux ceramic technology utilises fluted heat chambers with ceramic insulation and a PTC (Positive Temperature Co-efficient) element that, combined, produce fast and energy efficient method of heat distribution.

The PTC element’s ability to gauge the exact amount of power required to maintain the chosen temperature results in significant energy savings compared to normal fan, radiant or convection heaters.

The Eurolux CH20R 2000W Tower model features two heat settings, a timer, a remote control, safety PTC heating element, electronic LED, thermostat control and an oscillating function.

There is a more basic version of this model, the CH20B that is equally as powerful, but has no timer or remote control.

The 1800W CH18H Eurolux ceramic heater also has thermostatic control with an oscillating function, two heat settings, safety PTC heating element, plus cool and warm air movement – but an altogether different approach to styling.

Eurolux heating appliances, including micathermic and bathroom heaters plus heated towel rails, are available nationally from electrical retail outlets and some department stores.

The Eurolux CH20R 2000W Tower model is available from Omega Appliances .