Buying preferences of Australian consumers have changed due to the current global financial crisis, according to a leading kitchen appliance supplier, but sales have not yet contracted, as had been originally anticipated.

According to Julie Muller, Marketing Services Manager, Omega Appliances , in the past three months a shift towards cost-saving appliances such as induction cooktops and pared-back multifunction ovens are seen.

Consumers are looking for quality appliances that are both affordable and offer ongoing savings – in energy and/or water - throughout the lifetime of the product.

According to Julie Muller, induction cooking promises significant cost-savings during its lifespan as it is the most efficient form of cooking available and contributes to a cooler kitchen environment, which in turn saves energy costs on air conditioning and cooling.

Multifunction ovens meanwhile, offer options such as 10 cooking modes and fully programmable stop and start cooking features but buying trends over the past three months have shown a shift to products such as the OO651XB, which features the most popular five cooking functions plus a 120 minute end cooking timer.

Omega Appliances report their OI64BB induction cooktop has received huge interest, with the four cooking zone, non-bevelled frameless black glass appliance retailing for as much as 50% less than similar models and promising to contribute considerable savings to the home energy bill on an ongoing basis.

The OO651XB is a multifunction fan forced oven in stainless steel finish featuring fan and static grill, double glazed oven door with forced-air door cooling and a 120 minute variable Stop Cook selection.

Omega Appliances have also announced that they are about to launch a range of four star rated dishwashers that will contribute considerable savings to domestic water consumption throughout the lifespan of the product.

Omega appliances are available nationally from appliance specialists, electrical retailers and some department stores.