OdourVac Ventilation Systems  supply many different systems depending on the requirements of the project. Whether it is a single toilet, a bathroom (steam), a bathroom incorporating a laundry (damp air) or multiple rooms OdourVac Ventilation Systems will match or design a ventilation system to suit customers’ needs.

Three standard kits available from OdourVac Ventilation Systems are:

  • The OdourVac Kit is a toilet system. It simply draws air from the toilet bowl and exhausts odours to atmosphere.
  • The ShowerVac Kit is a complete solution for bathroom ventilation. Like the OdourVac Kit, odours are drawn directly from the toilet bowl and in addition a grille is also placed directly above the shower to extract steam.
  • The Dual ShowerVac Kit is an advanced system available. This system has the exact features of a ShowerVac Kit. However, OdourVac Ventilation Systems incorporate an additional grille, which can be placed in a laundry, walk in robe, or any other room that requires ventilation (excluding kitchen).