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    Odourvac Ventilation Systems offer ventilation systems for toilets, showers and laundries

    OdourVac Ventilation Systems

    OdourVac Ventilation Systems  supply many different systems depending on the requirements of the project. Whether it is a single toilet, a bathroom (steam), a bathroom incorporating a laundry (damp air) or multiple rooms OdourVac Ventilation Systems will match or design a ventilation system to suit customers’ needs.

    Three standard kits available from OdourVac Ventilation Systems are:

    • The OdourVac Kit is a toilet system. It simply draws air from the toilet bowl and exhausts odours to atmosphere.
    • The ShowerVac Kit is a complete solution for bathroom ventilation. Like the OdourVac Kit, odours are drawn directly from the toilet bowl and in addition a grille is also placed directly above the shower to extract steam.
    • The Dual ShowerVac Kit is an advanced system available. This system has the exact features of a ShowerVac Kit. However, OdourVac Ventilation Systems incorporate an additional grille, which can be placed in a laundry, walk in robe, or any other room that requires ventilation (excluding kitchen).

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