OdourVac Ventilation Systems have been incorporated into numerous projects throughout Australia. OdourVac can satisfy all bathroom mechanical ventilation requirements. They design systems to suite all applications. They are ideal for: 

  • Apartment buildings
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Student accommodations
  • Aged care facilities
  • Sporting complexes
OdourVac Ventilation Systems has been manufacturing toilet and bathroom systems since January 2001. They manufacture quality products in a professional manner whilst maintaining responsibility to the environment.  

In the early years, the OdourVac product was mostly incorporated into commercial projects. Today these ventilation systems are installed in almost every application, commercial, industrial, or residential.

Features of OdourVac Ventilation Systems:
Fans include back draft shutters and are classed as sealed systems. As such, they don’t affect the energy ratings on new 5 star program homes
Reduced installation costs by using PVC pipe
Instantly removes odours because they directly extract air from the toilet bowl and odours can’t escape into rooms
Extremely quiet and usually silent
Use of fire dampers instead of more expensive fire shutters