Odour Vac Ventilation Systems has been promoting the concept of odourless bathroom ventilation system in Australia since 2001. A proper and effective exhaust is provided to remove odour from toilet bowls. The odour from toilets are not drawn through the bathroom, resulting in a virtually odourless toilet closet. This eco friendly air extraction system from Odour Vac Ventilation Systems does not require any harmful aerosols, blue loo or any deodoriser.

Odour Vac Ventilation Systems specialises in exhaust fans and has a wide range of exhaust fans for ceilings and walls. Customers can also find in-line exhaust fans, vents, ducting and other accessories. Odour Vac Ventilation Systems stocks a full range of accessories such as fans including Odour Vac inline fan – ODV1, shower vac and dual shower can inline fan-ODV4, shower vac and dual shower vac roof mounted fan – ODV4 RU.
A wide range of internal and external grills, flush pipe saddles used for wall cisterns and a flexible ducting are also stocked by Odour Vac Ventilation Systems.

The bathroom ventilation from Odour Vac Ventilation Systems offers many benefits compared to the normal conventional bathroom ventilation, as bathroom ventilation removes odours instantly from toilet bowls. In the bathroom ventilation system, steam is ducted to the exterior rather than passing them to the ceiling space. These ventilations do not produce noise while functioning as these fans are located in the ceiling, away from the bathroom.