Odour Control Systems Australia presents the AirQ whole room air fresheners that deliver fresh fragrance to rooms while eliminating odours.

The AirQ whole room air fresheners are only just over five inches in size and are designed to be unobtrusive, fully portable and to replace conventional aerosols, plug-in air fresheners, reed diffusers and scented candles.

Unlike the conventional air purifiers, the AirQ air fresheners do not pose any health or safety risks. It eliminates odours and creates fragrance without the use or flame or heat and without releasing harmful volatile organic compounds.

The AirQ air treatment systems utilise air diffusion technology, which consists of odour neutralising systems that eliminates malodours instead of masking them. The air treatment systems also use patented micro-droplet technology that treats the air uniformly throughout a space using ultra-low concentrations of liquid.

The AirQ whole room air fresheners, from Odour Control Systems Australia, have been used in many commercial applications including hotels, resorts and spas. They can also be used in the home to help provide an ambient atmosphere while eliminating malodours.