Imagine entering a five star hotel to the pleasant aroma of White Hyacinth, or the refreshing aroma of Pink Grapefruit in a retail outlet.

Imagine a club experience, where a fragrance reminiscent of expensive aftershave or perfume eliminates stale beer and body odours, or a conference, where delegates remain alert due to citrus based scents that improve concentration.

Smell is the most powerful memory trigger and research confirms positive effects of aroma on consumer behaviour. Happy, relaxed customers are inclined to stay longer and spend more.

Forward-thinking businesses are now seeking to provide memorable experiences through ambient scenting, which enhances indoor air quality and complements visual themes, products and activities.

Odour Control Systems  (OCS), through its Sensaroma division, is an Australian distributor of Prolitec products, known worldwide for their expertise in ambient scenting and sophisticated air treatment technology.

Sensaroma’s computer controlled delivery systems and essential oil based fragrances create an attractive ambience in any space. Scenting options are limited only by imagination, with hundreds of fragrances to select from.

Sensaroma air treatment systems suit any application, from small stand alone units to direct delivery HVAC systems for large areas.