Nullarbor Sustainable Timber offers a wide selection of one piece Red Gum timber slabs that can be used for a range of applications such as tables, vanity tops and even kitchen benchtops.

These timber slabs has its own unique appearance and character, from totally flawless to wildly featured, inspiring a new appreciation for the gifts of the natural world.

Red Gum timber slabs are available in a varied selection of sizes, and come with or without rustic edges.

Nullarbor Sustainable Timber also offers recycled slabs that can be supplied to the customer as a simple rough sawn product, or Nullarbor will work the timber slab in their state of the art joinery.

Timber slabs can be worked into a customised piece of furniture that makes a statement, and a slab table top is just one example.

Nullarbor Sustainable Timber recommends that customers source the correct species and finish for their project when purchasing a timber slab.