Nullarbor Sustainable Timber is a specialised producer and supplier of boutique recycled and reclaimed solid timber flooring.

Timber is unlike any other surface and is often confusing to specify due to the enormous range of species, sizes and grades. The team at Nullarbor Sustainable Timber offers full professional assistance, over the phone and in person, when choosing the right product for the specified project

Upon request, Nullarbor Sustainable Timber will personally deliver a series of sample panels to your office or home. Experiencing timber flooring in a specific environment grants the opportunity to consider options, such as natural light, depth perception and serviceability which would other wise be hard to judge when the timber flooring is not in-situ.

Nullarbor Sustainable Timber flooring range comes in the following timbers in widths up to 240 mm:

  • Grey Ironbark
  • Jarrah
  • Stringy Bark
  • Black Butt
  • Sydney Blue Gum
  • Mountain Ash
  • Spotted Gum
  • Forest Red Gum