Nu-Line Concepts  offers a wide range of bar stools such as retro stools, diner stools, club stools, fixed round stools, cube stools, conga stools, box stools, fixed-low stools, bongo stools, dream stools, plantation 01 and 02 stools, BS-01, BS-2, BS-04, BS-05,and BS-06 stools, stork stools, Belgium stools, Tribeca stools, Mustang stools, Barbara stools, Venice stools Lia stools, Jet stools, Milan high and low stools, Rustic low stools, Paris stools, and Pisa stools.

Nu-Line Concepts' collection of chairs include chairs with and without sidearms. The range of chairs includes kiosk chairs, buffet chairs, resort chairs, and plantation chairs. The chairs come in the form of leather chairs, molded chairs, vinyl chairs, wooden chairs, and stainless steel chairs.

Nu-Line Concepts offers a wide range of dining seats, bar stools, dry-bars, benches, lounges, and ottomans. Nu-Line Concepts can also customize the tables with business logos and names under the tables.

Re-decorating and upddating the latest colours is easy and affordable. The decorative inserts and tops can be made to create a new look without purchasing a new table. This is also an effective way to display menus, photos, and collectable items.