Now Careers  is a recruitment consultancy service which offers a complete consultancy, in hiring of new recruits. Now Careers ably takes on a part of the burden and stress faced by recruiters at the time of hiring, and also steps in to offer its services to individuals looking for a new career.

Now Careers offers recruitment consultancy services in the categories of Commercial Recruitment and Construction Recruitment. As far as Commercial Recruitment is considered, Now Careers, with experience of over fifty years in the field, is stated to be dedicated to meeting the needs of the job market, whether temporary or permanent. Now Careers is also dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals looking for a placement. Success in matching the right job with the right person and vice versa has been the core competency of Now Careers.

Now Construction is the division of Now Careers which takes care of construction recruitment needs of clients. Whether the clients’ construction recruitment needs are for skilled workers or for project management personnel, Now Careers can offer the right solution.