Novaplas Pty Ltd  presents Grassrings, a 100% recycled injection moulded plastic structural grid system used to stabilise and reinforce grass.

Grassrings turf reinforcement systems prevent the compaction of the root zone of grass, providing a luxuriant and trafficable surface. With no weak corners, the ring design is the strongest shape for grass paving.

Grassrings offer several benefits to urban environments including reducing the need for hard surfaces, lowering waterway contamination, increasing the green environment through grass reinforcement and erosion control.

Key features of Grassrings:
  • Open grid provides over 90% root development area and 100% grass cover
  • Flexible grid will follow undulations
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled chemical-resistant, UV-stabilised impact-resistant polymer
  • Easy and fast to install including cutting around borders and trees
  • Provides storm water drainage and retention onsite
  • Meets and exceeds all loading criteria
  • Can be supplied in custom size rolls for fast installation
  • Porous surface allows greater percolation to the natural ground
  • 500mm x 500mm x 27mm high rings with hook and hole connection for joining into rolls or easy site laying
  • Grassring colour: Black