Novaplas Pty Ltd  presents Grassrings grass reinforcing rings that are increasingly being used globally to help maintain a green environment in the rapidly expanding urban spread.

A 100% recycled injection moulded plastic structural grid system, the Grassrings solution is used to stabilise and reinforce grass, prevent the compaction of the root zone, and provide a luxuriant trafficable surface.

Studies show that compaction of the top 35mm of soil underneath grass must be prevented as the compacted layer will not allow grass roots to obtain the necessary oxygen, moisture and nutrients from the soil, causing the grass to suffocate and die.

Grassrings prevent this compaction by maximising the root development of grass. Invisible once installed, the grid of rings is immensely strong, capable of supporting fire trucks, aeroplanes, helicopters and other heavy low volume traffic.

Major benefits of Grassrings grass reinforcing rings include over 90% root development area and 100% grass cover; flexible grid that will follow undulations; 100% recycled chemical resistant, UV stabilised impact resistant polymer construction; ease and speed of installation including cutting around borders and trees; storm water drainage and retention onsite; meeting and exceeding all loading criteria; availability of custom size rolls; and porous surface that provides greater percolation rate to the natural ground.