Novaplas  have been producing Injection moulded products for past 25 years and are specialized in Mould designing and Custom Plastic injection moulded products.Novaplas products are supplied to wide range of industries which includes:Grass Rings for Grass reinforcement and erosion control,Polymer Masonry and Brick ties.

Novaplas injection moulders produce plastic products to many industries such as Agriculture, Scientific, Automotive, Sports, Mining and Electrical industries.

Novaplas helps its clients with their concept of design and does the moulding process efficiently. Novaplas also offers full support to their customers and helps in proper delivery of the products around the world.

Novaplas Grass Reinforcement Modules are applied in areas such as Residential driveways, Landscaping,Erosion control,storm water management,Vehicle parking.

Novaplas Grass Reinforcement Modules has its own advantages.It supports the grass while parking the vehicle giving natural look to the grass.GRASSING is porous grass paving system which helps in replacing concretes and also helps in increasing green space reducing contamination from ground water.

Novaplas NI-TIES - resilient wall ties was produced 12 yrs before according to the Australian standards to control the corrosiveness of cavity walls.A resilient cover is moulded at each end of the NI-Tie.

Novaplas Ni-Ties Masonry wall ties are manufactured in Australia to withstand the Australian conditions.These ties are offered in different varieties of colors that include Heavy duty cavity(red),Medium duty cavity(white),Medium duty Acoustic cavity.

Novaplas Ni-Ties are safer and gives quick results.Does not corrode.No problem of Electrolysis.Have acoustic properties which reduces the noise.