NovaPlas Pty Ltd  presents an economical solution for stormwater retention with Drainwell drainage cells.

The Drainwell underground stormwater retention tank system comprises of lightweight plastic Drainwell modules that can be easily installed to provide an ecologically sustainable unlimited rainwater storage facility.

The drainage modules are stacked onto a plastic sheet liner wrapped around the tank and sealed for stormwater retention. The stored water can be subsequently used in gardening and various greywater applications.

Drainwell stormwater tanks can also be used for the detention of excess stormwater by storing the water and allowing a slow release into stormwater pipe or channel systems and surrounding ground.

The Drainwell modules are assembled and stacked onto geotextile filter material in the excavated ground void, wrapped around with the geotextile fabric and back filled. The panels making up the Drainwell module have moulded rings, which can be simply cut round with a handheld jigsaw to allow pipes to be fitted.

Drainwell stormwater retention tanks are ideal for controlling stormwater flow from paving, civil works, reservoirs, golf courses, race courses and sports fields among others.

With the new SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage) sustainability codes being released by many local authorities, the Drainwell stormwater retention tanks are being considered as easy to install and cost-effective underground stormwater management systems for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Key benefits of Drainwell stormwater retention tanks:

  • Drainage cells provide an extremely efficient, low cost drainage system
  • Can be easily adapted to projects of any shape or size
  • Underground installation allows the surface above the tank to be used for car parking or landscaping
  • Eliminates open stormwater sumps, making the surface area usable
  • Leach drains can be easily constructed to any size for efficient release of water to the surrounding soil
  • Lightweight construction allows easy transportation and installation compared to concrete and gravel systems
  • Greater cubic holding capacity
  • Permeable surface area allows quicker percolation and soakage
  • 94% void area, chemically inert material and 100% recyclable
  • Not affected by mould or algae
  • Supplied in flat pack form