The Nien Made (Norman) dial remote control, an intuitive device to automatically operate shutters, won the Red Dot: Product Design award. One of the most prestigious design award programs in the world, the Red Dot Awards saw heavy competition in the product design category with over 5,500 entries.

“This high-quality dial remote control for blinds presents itself as a functional and at the same time, stylish smart home device,” the jury said.

The NM dial remote control is designed to improve the living experience for many with its innovative design, simplicity of operation and functional convenience. As part of the smart home toolkit, the dial remote control for shutters transforms any home into a modern, tech-responsive living space. With its capability to sync with smart devices such as iPhones and iPads, the intuitive device allows for further control and convenience.

The operation is as simple as turning the outer ring dial to instantly adjust the louvres to the precise angle desired. Multiple shutters can be controlled at the same time or different sets independently from each other, with the colour-coordinated ring settings ensuring easy identification.