Liqui-Hard, from Non-Slip Floor Solutions is a colourless liquid concrete densifier and chemical hardener, specifically designed to chemically solidify all the component parts of concrete into a homogenous mass. A Liqui-Hard treated floor is hardened, densified, dust proof and chemical resistant. In addition, a treated floor will improve with age. Liqui-Hard has proven to be an excellent sealer when applied on polished concrete.

Liqui-Hard treatment benefits

- Penetrates deeply into concrete to densify, cure, harden and seal surfaces to prevent entry of moisture.

- Liqui-hard is dustproof and improves chemical, petroleum and abrasion resistance of treated surfaces.

- Prevents oxidation of iron aggregate floors

- Protects against scratching or peeling

- Provides tough protected surface that won’t discolour or show pedestrian or vehicular traffic wear marks

- Permanent (Gets better with age)

- Ability to highly polish. Liqui-hard improves light reflection

-One time application

- Low to no maintenance/ Easy to clean

- Provides a safe work environment

- Last and only floor treatment needed

- Backed by a 10 year warranty

- Excellent for Polished Concrete.