The new Spot Plus heater range from Noirot combines a European aesthetic and state-of-the-art technology to meet varying home heating requirements, quietly, safely and efficiently.

Featuring the patented Monobloc element that eliminates the usual creaks and rattles, Noirot’s Spot Plus heaters offer the assurance of 100% silent performance. Lockable, childproof settings integrated into the electronic thermostat additionally provide peace of mind.

The feature-packed Spot Plus heaters deliver reliable warmth that can be trusted every winter.

Convection heating

The Noirot Spot Plus range employs the natural process of convection to heat up the room efficiently and effectively. Air is heated as it rises over the patented Monobloc element and is continually replaced as cooler air is drawn up inside the heater by the rising warmer air. The air cools and falls towards the floor where it’s again drawn into the bottom of the unit.

Noirot’s precision thermostat ensures the room is maintained at the desired temperature within 0.1 degree Celsius, preventing overheating and energy wastage.


A thermal safety cut-out and rounded edges on the unit are some of the safety features in Noirot Spot Plus heaters. The absence of a fan in the heater design makes the range ideal for those suffering from allergies or asthma.


Optional easy glide castors allow the homeowner to take the warmth to different rooms by simply sliding the Noirot heater and plugging it in to warm up the space anywhere in the house.