The Australian-made OZI lock from Nidus Holdings features 3 functions in 1 lock.

The three functions include:

  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt
  • Nightbolt (inside Turn Snib locking)
  • Passage function
The locks are available in 60mm and 45mm models and features one handed entry (key retracts bolts and latch).

The Double cylinder deadbolt function locks both sides of the door to protect the things in home while the members are out, and satisfy various insurance requirements.

The Snib turn locking function on the inside longplate throws a separate bolt. This will keep the door securely locked while the members are at home, but allows snib turn exit without needing a key.

The snib button engages a bolt (rather than simply freezing the outside handle).

The Passage latch function opens/closes the door using the door lever for when locking is not required. The OZI lock can be specified with various styles of levers.