Nextrend Furniture has launched a brand new self-stabilising table base for the hospitality industry, featuring cutting edge alignment technology from FLAT.

Unstable tables can cause a whole lot of problems for patrons in cafes, bars and restaurants, with drink spillage topping the list. FLAT’s award-winning technology ensures wobbling is eliminated by Flat Tech Bases even on surfaces with the least stability, enabling multiple table tops to be flawlessly aligned.

Nextrend Furniture’s new innovation addresses alignment and table stability problems typically faced by F&B establishments such as bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs in Australia, resulting in greater customer approval, and also freeing staff from having to stabilise tables with temporary solutions.

Nextrend Furniture’s General Manager Peter McCorkell observes that the company continues to push the envelope in furniture design and technology. As a pioneer in the use of materials, finishes and innovative technologies, Nextrend Furniture is also often the first to use and market them.

Nextrend Furniture is focussed on providing their customers with the right solutions at affordable prices. The partnership with FLAT has enabled the company to provide high quality tables that remain stable on even the most uneven surfaces, allowing pubs and restaurants to eliminate a persistent problem and provide their customers with a better experience.

FLAT technology enables hospitality venues to reduce the number of customer complaints, as well as the overall negative impact on the business; eliminate the need to waste time aligning and stabilising tables; improve sales by maximising space and the number of customers; boost flexibility with the ability to easily move tables around for more effective use of the space; stabilise tables just by pressing the table top; boost stability with internal locks and align table tops perfectly; enjoy highly durable tables exceeding international standards for durability, safety, strength and stability; and install new tables in seconds without having to use any tools.