Project information management (PIM) software company Newforma announces the release of a new production planning software for design and construction companies utilising lean methods of project delivery.

The Newforma LeanPlanner is a visual production planning software powered by LeanKit, a leader in enterprise lean process and work management software that automates workflows to replace conventional project management practices. Newforma LeanPlanner equips designers and construction companies with technology that improves production schedule reliability for more predictable project outcomes.

LeanPlanner allows project team members to identify near-term constraints and track progress of work anytime, anywhere, while the software’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities accelerate the lean journey and promote continuous improvement through deep understanding and insights, including plan percent complete (PPC) and at-risk milestones.

Dan Conery, vice president of business development at Newforma explains that the application of lean principles to design and construction industries has tremendous business benefits to customer satisfaction and the overall bottom line. He adds that the rapidly growing interest in lean methodologies indicates visual planning tools such as LeanPlanner will have an even larger impact on industry than building information modelling (BIM).

LeanKit CEO Chris Hefley observes that lean principles have the power to transform how teams work together to get great work done faster. He adds that Newforma’s deep industry knowledge and strong market presence, combined with LeanKit’s lean process and work management solution, bring more collaborative, proactive and successful work practices to the building and infrastructure industries.