ThomsonAdsett creates world-class designs in and for locations across Australia and abroad. The firm’s architects and designers employ integrated IT systems and video links to conquer the tyranny of distance and mobilise the best possible talent and resources for a given project.


  • Facilitate continued ISO 9001 certification
  • Manage high volumes of email and other project information
  • Collaborate more effectively, with larger teams
  • Improve remote access to information
  • Insure against information loss and human error in document control


  • Email is simple to file and retrieve
  • Email, defects lists and other information are accessible via mobile apps
  • Action items and RFIs are more effectively logged and managed
  • Quality standards are upheld at every step of the process
  • Document control has been largely automated and made more reliable

ThomsonAdsett employs Newforma software to liberate team members’ time and attention for collaboration and design excellence

Australian designer leader ThomsonAdsett has always provided clients with the benefit of their integrated expertise across multiple studios and external consultants. But the increasing size and complexity of commissions, together with the growing need for staff to collaborate across teams, created the need to find the next generation of software capable of facilitating greater accessibility and knowledge-sharing across their network.

Document management systems were too restrictive. And one-task solutions such as cloud storage services were too limited in their functions.

The solution came in the form of Newforma Project Center software. Designed for the industry, it adapts to applications and processes already used by architects, engineers, contractors, and owners.

But would Newforma software serve merely as an insurance policy, reducing risk, or could it actually promote better practices across studios? The firm soon found out.

Newforma software solves common industry problems

Advanced project collaboration

Architect + Practice Coordinator Gavin Kickbush says that after discovering Newforma, ThomsonAdsett instantly realised the synergy between their work and the way the software could improve the success of their business.

“We liked that the underlying information managed by Newforma can be structured however we decide, so we still have a high degree of input and autonomy,” Gavin said.

“As a result, a lot of our processes and workflows are now based on Newforma software. We’ve really benefited from implementing programs such as email integration and mobile apps.”

The software enables users to manage action items directly from their Outlook inboxes. “Using emails as the launching point to utilise other aspects of Newforma software has also been highly beneficial in ensuring information doesn’t fall through the cracks as we process action items and RFIs,” Gavin said.

“We’ve used Newforma software to create an online document repository for various clients. They can go to a shared folder, which is available through the Newforma Info Exchange website, and we can be confident it is managed correctly and is the latest version of a particular document.”

Software supporting quality

“The document control area of Newforma software has definitely been one we’ve embraced wholeheartedly and see a lot of value in,” Gavin said.

“We like that it automatically records exactly what was issued to a client or contractor, removing human error and giving ThomsonAdsett an accurate record of file downloads and updates.

“Like many design firms, ThomsonAdsett has both internal and external QA audits on projects. Newforma has made it easier to step through various aspects with the auditor. We can run a document register report on the spot to show the control process,” Gavin said.

“Newforma software solves a number of problems people in the design industry face in terms of transferring data, management of information, and risk minimisation.

“Newforma Project Center is providing a quality product for us and our clients, whether they be developers, contractors, owners and operators, who all have different requirements and an emphasis on what’s important to them. Newforma software can facilitate those needs.”