Network Architectural supports the decision made by the Victorian Government to ban high-risk flammable cladding on multi-storey buildings.

Network Architectural would like to applaud the Victorian Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne’s decision to ban the use of high-risk, flammable aluminium composite panels as external wall cladding for all multi-storey developments for the future.

The line has now been drawn in the sand. Aluminium composite panels ‘must have’ a core material of greater than 93% inert filler (inert content) by mass in external cladding as part of a wall system for Type A or Type B constructions in Victoria.

Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec Co. in Japan has developed the new Mitsubishi ALPOLIC NC non-combustible mineral core aluminium composite material that achieves all of the safety requirements that have been recently implemented in Victoria:

  • Core material composed of greater than 95% inert filler (inert content) by mass
  • Non-combustible laminas as tested to AS1530.1
  • Fully compliant to Australian Standards through DtS Pathway (C1.9) for use wherever non-combustible materials are required
  • 20-year Full Cover Warranty (incl. rectification costs) direct from globally trusted manufacturer (Mitsubishi)
  • Manufactured in Japan with proven world class quality control
  • Proven coating durability in Australian conditions for over 30 years
  • Significantly less CO2 emission in manufacture than any alternative compliant aluminium façade material
  • Significantly less heat transfer than any alternative compliant aluminium façade material

 Keep an eye out for this world-leading cladding on a building near you.