Wirtshaus Mättle is a restaurant with a turbulent history in Lörrach, Germany. Following a recent renovation, the restaurant is once again playing host to guests as it continues to celebrate its rich legacy in a modern environment.

Designed by Sebastian Herkner Architects, the renovation has imbued the ground floor and the cellar area with a sleek, linear atmosphere. Completed in 2020, the renovated Wirtshaus Mättle combines the modern with the historical, creating an unforgettable interior design that invites you to take your time over a fine meal.

For the Theodor-Keller basement, Durlum supplied an appropriate ceiling-lighting solution. The multidirectional pastel blue TICELL open cell ceiling presents a visual contrast to the exposed quarried stone walls, the woven texture of the ceiling creating an aesthetic sense of lightness. The new ventilation system is concealed by the ratio of cell height to dimensions.

PUNTEO-J60 LED downlights deliver precisely the right lighting to these premises. The luminaires needed to be positioned flexibly so that – going forward – they could be adapted to suit different lighting scenarios in these spaces.

Durlum resolved this problem using magnetic rails, enabling every LED spotlight to be removed easily and relocated in a different position if required.

Durlum products used in the renovation:

TICELL open cell ceiling: Single blade louvre made of ‘woven’ aluminium; cell size: 54.55mm x 54.55mm; module size: 1200mm x 600mm; modules can be hinged individually; powdercoated in pastel blue RAL 5024; area: 95m2

PUNTEO-J60 LED downlights: Special solution with magnetic rail; every luminaire can be controlled individually using DALI; approx. 30 units