While the kitchen is traditionally considered the heart of the home, the bathroom tends to be its most multifaceted space. Balancing on the axis of comfort and luxury, self-expression and privacy, vitality and respite, the role of modern bathrooms extends well beyond their traditionally practical origins, and is often a very intimate extension of our personality.

An Australian designer tapware brand, Nero, has always recognised the layered character of these unique spaces – and the multidimensional angularity of their latest collection, aptly named Opal, is a stunning expression of this intersectionality.

Drawing inspiration from “opalus”, a Latin word that translates to “combining the beauty of gems”, the complete collection of bathroom essentials – ranging from tap mixers and shower heads to soap dishes and towel racks – is artfully defined by the multidirectional angles of diamond prisms. This alluring and sensorily enticing pattern is achieved through the meticulous craft of knurling. Anchored by incredible precision, this highly innovative cutting technology sees the contemporary shape of Nero’s mixers and bathroom accessories embellished with an intricate structure that emulates the refined geometry of gemstones.

The carefully crafted pattern engages in gentle interaction with light, which enhances the architectural dimensions of the tapware, while generating beautiful reflections that elevate the space. The interactive character of the products is further augmented by the collection’s refined palette. All of the elements of the Opal range are available in four timeless finishes, mindfully curated  to accentuate the form of each design and fit in any modern bathroom interior. The warmer tones of Brushed Bronze and Brushed Gold are complemented by the cooler sophistication of Graphite and Brushed Nickel, and the understated appeal of their metallic glisten establishes a very contemporary dialogue with the angular features of the products.

The sleek character of the collection is also reinforced by the PVD and AF technologies. Both the Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), which sees a material evaporated and condensed to form a thin film coating over an object, and the Anti-Fingerprint (AF) process make for a highly durable surface that is easy to clean and will preserve its elegant shine for years to come. In fact, like with their other product ranges including Mecca or Progressive Collections, Nero offers a 10 year warranty on the finish.

With this well-considered fusion of multidimensional beauty, outstanding quality and exquisite durability, the striking intricacy of the Opal Collection sets new precedent for Australian tapware – and is bound to be the crown jewel of any modern bathroom.