Water is arguably the most valuable and essential resource for life. Water, however, is a non-renewable resource, and its preservation is a defining part of the Australian psyche. In this sunburnt country, drought is an enduring issue and, due to the consequences of climate change, likely to be more regular, harsher and longer in duration.

Bathroom and kitchen taps are among the most prominent places where water is used in construction projects. These fixtures play a fundamental role in everyday life, facilitating activities such as cleaning, cooking and drinking. Therefore, the specification of smart, high-quality and water-efficient tapware plays a critical role in the sustainability of any build.

Nero Tapware, the leading Australian designer of luxury kitchen and bathroom ware, understands that tapware is not just a source of water but an extension of our living spaces, its users, and the surrounding environment.

Sometimes we obsess over water efficiency and overlook the fact that a product’s entire life cycle and the manufacturer’s own ethics and practices also have a significant impact on a project’s overall sustainability. In the tapware category, Nero Tapware sets an example with their commitment to quality, efficiency, ethical business practices and eco-consciousness in their products and manufacturing operations. Below, we take a closer look at how Nero is making taps that are truly sustainable.

Download this whitepaper to know more about Nero Tapware's innovative approach to sustainable tapware design.


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