The product 3001 from Nanovations offers a permanent solution against the slippery and unattractive appearance of moss and algae on concrete, pavers and absorptive natural stone.

The water based product penetrates deep into the substrate and dries up completely invisible.

The reduction of the water absorption results in fast drying surfaces where moss and algae will not find the appropriate growing ground. Slippery surfaces and unsightly discolorations can be avoided and the risk of falls can be reduced.

Due to the deep penetration of the product, surface abrasion does not have an effect on the function, even on high traffic areas like walk ways and drive ways.

Nanovations 3001 can be used on concrete, pavers and all absorptive natural stone. It is also suitable for facades, architectural concrete and infrastructure constructions like bridges.

The product is odour free and eliminates the health risks associated with solvent based products.

To add to the environmental benefits, 3001 will be shipped as a high concentrated solution. This reduces transport and storage costs and also reduces waste from empty packaging.

As a result, a 20 litre drum of concentrate is sufficient to treat up to 1000 square metre of concrete. In contrast 250 – 400 litre of conventional sealers are required to treat a similar area.

Areas of application

  • Concrete and masonry 
  • Porous natural stone 
  • Render 
  • Bricks  
  • Fibre cement sheets 
  • Pavers 
  • Exposed concrete facades 
  • Concrete drive ways, car parks, bridges 
  • Pre-cast architectural concrete
Product benefits and properties 
  • Good penetration 
  • Solvent free water based low VOC 
  • Wear resistance 
  • Reduced packaging material
  • Significant reduced shipping costs 
  • Does not change the appearance 
  • Salt resistant 
  • Good efflorescence prevention 
  • Cost effective