Available from Moodie Outdoor Products, Vertigreen 3D trellis green walls feature a VGM plant growing module, meaning that plants can be pre-grown, eliminating the waiting time for plants to grow.

These lightweight vertical planters offer value for money as they provide living wall coverage at the price of a trellis.

VertiGreen Hybrid pre-grown trellis green walls only need the plants to cover 300mm in any direction, which is quite achievable in the first few months. Climbing plants and vines are particularly suitable for these trellis walls.

Manufactured from recycled plastic, these vertical green walls consist of a plastic plant growing module set into a double-panel trellis system. Zinc plated and powder coated to protect against corrosion, the panels sit 75mm apart and use a 150 grid, however, 75mm or 300mm are available on request.

VertiGreen Hybrid pre-grown 3D trellis mounts to the wall with simple fixed-distance wall mount brackets.

These vertical gardens can be integrated with Tournesol’s Wilshire Box hanging planters or VGM Modular Living Wall system.

Further information on the range of VertiGreen pre-grown 3D trellis green walls is available from Moodie Outdoor Products.