Moodie Outdoor Products  introduces a new and unique range of rooms for the Australian market.  

Ausrooms micro buildings are a range of pre-fabricated heavy duty structures ready to be craned in for installation in prominent urban developments such as parks, malls and major pedestrian hubs.  

Ausrooms are secure structures and feature awnings that can function as shade or signage to identity the building during the day and perform a protection function at night.  

The relocatable Ausrooms micro buildings can be used in public places as restrooms, change rooms, play rooms, store rooms or even offices.  

Key features of Ausrooms relocatable micro buildings:  

  • Can be designed ready-to-use as restrooms and showers or ready-to-fit out as office and storage
  • Made from precast concrete, aluminium, steel, Roocycle recycled plastic wood composite, APA composites, glass and PVC
  • All internal and external surfaces are designed to withstand vandal attacks
  • Good design and material selection reduces maintenance requirement
Applications of Ausrooms relocatable micro buildings:  
  • Rest-rooms: 1 cubicle to 10 cubicles
  • Change-rooms: Showers and wash room ironing
  • Tea-rooms: Coffee, concession, ticket, kiosk, office or work area
  • Play-rooms: Works trailer, display caravans, stages and grandstands
  • Store-rooms: Security and park maintenance
  • Design-a-Room: Office, tickets, display, converted containers and custom rooms