Moodie Outdoor Products presents the MoodieRoocyle play system table that is specifically designed for children from pre-school up to kindergarten.

The MoodieRoocycle table uses the safest materials and design concepts in order to provide a child-safe play system with safety surface areas and future shade.

The table play systems utilise patented Roocycle full colour Unimould Multi Purpose panels that are durable, tough and sturdy, recyclable and offers more benefits than traditional flat sheet products, such as timber.

The Roocycle panels help eliminate the need for maintenance, never needs painting or staining, will not rot or splinter, chemical resistant and is also easy to clean with a hose and sponge.

Features of the MoodieRoocycle table play system:

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Inground fixing is standard
  • Rust proof and UV stabilised
  • Does not promote mould or bacterial growth
  • Stays cool in the sun and sheds water
  • Will not swell, rot or delaminate
  • Will not break on normal impact
  • Has a smooth non-stick surface for easy cleaning
  • Last longer than most timbers
The MoodieRoocycle play system tables are available in many sizes to allow large children play groups. The tables are available in colourful as standard, but is also available in other colours including black, green, white and beige.