Moodie Outdoor Products  has released a new 'round table bar-be-Cue' for parkland, staff amenity and streetscape projects. The heavy construction of the round table makes it suitable for government and local government departments as well as building owners.

The round table top enhances Moodie Outdoor Products' present range of traditional square and rectangular shape tops. 

The round top measures 1150mm diameter, 50mm thick, and is made of precast concrete with a smooth finish in 'off white' cement, been sealed to protect the surface from the invasion of fats and sauces and make the surface easier to clean.

For efficiency the round table is fitted with an electric, push button BBQ. The Kingsize BBQ cooks quickly and remains hot even in windy conditions. The internal computer sets the temperature and the cooking time. Cleaning is easy with the 5mm thick stainless steel cooking surface. This surface can be easily cleaned with a little soapy water.