Recycled plastic is found in many unexpected places including carpeting, the fuzz on tennis balls, scouring pads, paintbrushes, clothes, industrial strapping, site furniture and now in dimensioned timber profiles.

Moodie Outdoor Products  has released a new range of dimensioned construction Roocycled plastic timber profiles.

The Roocycled plastic timber profile has a bark colour of charcoal which is protecting a silver grey inner core, which can be exposed by dressing, The bark does not need to be removed, as this colour is likened to mottled timber tones.

These timber terms gives an understanding of the good benefits that Roocycled plastic timber profiles will give designers.

“Looks like aged timber but never needs maintenance to retain this finish.”

Moodie Outdoor Products has branded the material Roocycled to distinguish between the imported products flooding the market.

Sizes range from 40x40, thru 50x100 and 50x200, to the large size of 100x200. The process is the end result of a recycling plastic extruding machine. Extrusions up to 14 metres long are available.