Ipswich City Council recently commissioned a public restroom from Moodie Outdoor Products , specifying two requirements, it must "draw on the legacy of Henry Lawson, and blend in with the local surroundings".

Following these requests, Moodie Outdoor Products installed a modified Twin Disabled Restroom at The Henry Lawson Park at Walloon.

As no sewage system was readily available, an environmentally friendly waste system, known as collection well technology (CWT), was used as an alternative toilet treatment.

The neutral colours used for the public restroom provide the natural look the Ipswich Council desired, while the use of Henry Lawson’s poem “The Babies of Walloon” as a design feature completes the tribute being made to an Australian legend.

Hidden features in this public restroom include:

  • solid concrete walls
  • stainless steel internal wall linings
  • vandal resistant fixings; and
  • graffiti coatings to protect the Henry Lawson artworks.