Available from Moodie Outdoor Products , Evertuff is a composite wood/plastic beam, manufactured from recycled co-mingled granulated materials that are extruded into useful profiles for the construction industry.

Consulting Engineers now have the relevant data available allow them to consider using Evertuff composite recycled plastic profiles for decking, beams, piles, posts, bearers, joists and purlins. 

Evertuff is suitable to use in the construction of structures such as boardwalks, pedestrian bridges, shelters, pergolas and viewing platforms.

Evertuff recycled plastic profiles are tough and can be driven, bolted and adjusted using working tools for wood. The recycled plastic products can also be painted and extruded in long sections up to 6m.

The recyclable material has been diverted from landfill and processed in an extruding factory where the extruding process ensures a constant grade of material that allows quality control testing of output to engineering specifications. 

Evertuff does not contain voids as moulded recycled products can do and being resistant to wood eating insects, is maintenance free.