CSR Monier Wunderlich  provides various services to its customers including roofing solutions, roofing information, professional advice from roofing specialists. Information is provided by CSR Monier Wunderlich under these services.

Customers can benefit from the professional advice as information about use of different types of materials is provided. The various aspects covered under roofing information include choosing a roof, the installation of the roof, information on roof accessories and roof maintenance.

Under choosing a roof, three points are covered by CSR Monier Wunderlich namely, material, profile or shape and colour of the roofs chosen. The issues covered under installation include roof frame, safety, fascia boards, sarking (also called as underlay in New Zealand), loading of tiles, installation of tiles, flashing and ridging.

Roofing accessories from CSR Monier Wunderlich include essential accessories, ornamental accessories, functional accessories, skylights, dormer accessories, fixing windows, roof vents and fixing accessories. Essential accessories include starter, barge, ridge and apex finial scroll.

CSR Monier Wunderlich offers  various Ornamental accessories including continuous ridge saddles, intermittent ridge saddles and final ridge with scroll and apex finial ball type. Final accessories are also available which include light dome, ceiling and rafter. Roof vent include whirly vent.