One of nature’s earliest building materials, terracotta, which translates to ‘baked earth’, has never gone out of style over the centuries. Terracotta roof tiles are popular in the home building sector, not only for their rustic charm but also for their strength, durability and thermal properties. The longevity of terracotta is legendary – people throughout Europe, particularly, in the Mediterranean, have been using terracotta roof tiles on their homes for centuries. In China, the famous terracotta warriors have lasted for more than a thousand years.

Roofer Matt Boyall of DreamRoof uses terracotta tiles from Monier Roofing because they are light and strong with no rough surfaces, making them easy to work with during installations. 

“You also know that if you lay them right, they will look superb,” he adds. “I am often replacing tiles that have lasted for more than 110 years so you just know you are dealing with quality that will last.” 

Monier Roofing’s Terracotta range is available in three different profiles – Marseille, Nouveau and Urban Shingle, designed to create classic, contemporary or Hamptons looks on homes.

Marseille has a classic French-inspired terracotta roof profile, creating a timeless look for your home. It has an extensive colour palette to suit design requirements. 

Nouveau’s contemporary profile with distinctive ridges is popular with modern new builds, and available in eight different colours. 

Urban Shingle epitomises contemporary styling with a flat and seamless roof tile. Featuring all the premium qualities of terracotta, including a modern selection of colours, Urban Shingle has a unique rolled nose, and is ideally suited to the Hamptons and Mid-Century Modern home designs.

While there are a multitude of reasons to choose Monier’s terracotta roof tiles, here are the top five reasons to consider terracotta for your roof:

1. Natural materials

Monier terracotta roof tiles are crafted by Australians from naturally occurring clays from the Australian landscape using techniques that have been tried and tested for centuries. The natural material also ensures that the water running off your roof into rainwater tanks is clean and safe to drink. Additionally, terracotta has a lower embodied energy, which means less energy is consumed in all processes involved in the manufacturing of a roof tile.

2. Long-lasting colour

Monier’s terracotta roof tiles will never fade – even under the harsh Australian sun, thanks to the manufacturing process where the colour is baked right through the tiles. Available in a broad colour palette – from the traditional rich reds and oranges to contemporary shades such as dark grey, and even metallics – Monier’s terracotta tiles are guaranteed to retain their colour for a minimum of 50 years.

3. Australian made

Monier terracotta tiles are shaped, moulded and made in Vermont, Victoria. The local manufacturing ensures reduced wait times for Monier tiles as well as minimal breakages with less distance to travel. Essentially, buying Monier tiles means greater efficiency along the supply chain. 

4. Natural insulation

A terracotta tile roof keeps the home comfortable and healthy for its occupants. Terracotta maintains a consistent temperature in the home, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Combined with sarking, the thermal properties and natural materials of terracotta roof tiles enhance breathability, creating a healthier home with less condensation and mould. 

5. 50-year guarantee

Terracotta’s longevity is a known fact. Monier guarantees their product for 50 years with most tiles lasting decades longer. Once fired, terracotta roof tiles are inert bodies, and no lead, cadmium or other heavy metals are used in the ceramic glazes. Being low maintenance, terracotta tiles will look good for a long time with very little effort.